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Slingshot Quattro

Price 13,75$ (incl. VAT)
Order number: Quattro
Produced by: Lučištnice.cz
Category: Slingshots
Availability: 1 week

Slingshot Quattro č.1
Slingshot Quattro č.1
Slingshot Quattro č.2

Product detail

Traditional childrens (but not only) toy, slingshot, handmade of beech wood, high quality rubber and leather. This one is upgraded with two more rubbers for better power balance.
Please note that the design may change a bit depending on colour of the leather and rubber.

The rubber is an UV sensitive material, so we do not recommend to keep the sling-shot on the direct sunlight (when not used). It is very easy to change the worn out rubber - just convo us and we will send you a replacement piece for very symbolic price (about 1 USD plus shipping fee).

We newly drill a hole in the handle so you can fix the slingshot to the hand by the piece of cord (or just to hang the slingshot somewhere).

Please do not shoot on people and animals...