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Slingshot NEO

Price 16,25$ (incl. VAT)
Order number: Neo
Produced by: Lučištnice.cz
Category: Slingshots
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Slingshot NEO č.1
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Product detail

New unconventional type of slingshot made (not only) for arrow shooting.

We used thicker gums 6 x 2 mm, double, so the slingshot is suitable for adults. The strenght is comparable to favourite Slingshot DUO. This slingshot is designed to shoot ball - shaped projectiles as well as to shoot arrows. You can very easily add the steel circle to the V-shaped part and use it as an arrowrest. There is a cord going through the leather pouch, it works as a string which holds the nock. You draw the gum easily, holding a knot on the string. If you want to shoot balls (pebbles etc.), you just remove the steel circle. 

Regarding the draw weight - shooting with this slingshot can be compared to shooting with children's bow.

Wooden body of this slingshot was designed in universal way - so you can build other types of slingshots. If you purchase spare gums and leather pouches, you can very easily build yourself a DUO, unconventional TRIO or fishermens QUATTRO slingshot. Of course you can design your own type!