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Slingshot Bingo

Price 10$ (incl. VAT)
Order number: Bingo
Produced by: Lučištnice.cz
Category: Slingshots
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Slingshot Bingo č.1
Slingshot Bingo č.1

Product detail

Slingshot Bingo with great tube shaped rubbers is our smallest slingshot, but made for experienced adult shooters. The beech body has a low fork part and even stronger rubbers don't move the slingshot out of your wrist. Taking the lower for profile into account it is recommended to use rounded projectiles of a normal size. Using of flat or sharp stones may cause your hand an injury.

The drilled hole enables the slingshot to be made with double 6x2 mm rubber, but this product includes only yellow tube rubber. This rubber is also possible to buy separately in our shop. The rubber is attached to the wooden body by pulling through the drilled hole and pluging up the hole with wooden cyllinder. You don't need any special equipment or instructions for changing the rubber. The pouch part of the ruber is fixed by rubber circle.

The rubber is UV sensitive so beware of keeping it on the direct sunshine.