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Reserve slingshot rubber

Price 0,62$ (incl. VAT)
Order number: NahradniGuma
Produced by: Lučištnice.cz
Category: Slingshots

Reserve slingshot rubber č.1
Reserve slingshot rubber č.1
Reserve slingshot rubber č.2
Reserve slingshot rubber č.3
Reserve slingshot rubber č.4
Reserve slingshot rubber č.5
Reserve slingshot rubber č.6
Reserve slingshot rubber č.7

Product detail

You can use these as spare rubbers for our slingshots or just as a part for making your own.

For our stronger slingshots we use rubber 60 cm /24'' long, 6 x 2 mm. For childrens slingshot 55 cm / 22", 6 x 1 mm.

For slingshot Duo X/Y, Bingo X/Y and Aero X/Y we use Thera-Band tube rubber of a high quality. Red one is a bit stronger than yellow one.

Run the rubber through  the hole, you can help yourself with thin string (don't use thread, it can cut the rubber). Do not use any hard pieces for fixing the rubber - if the rubber blows out your eye can get hurt. You can see the safe rubber fixing on our slingshots. 

Remember: more thinner rubbers is better than one strong one! 



Necessary amount of rubbers for our slinshots is mentioned below. The price is for one piece only!