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Fire arrowhead

Price 5,62$ (incl. VAT)
Order number: ZapalnyHrot
Produced by: Lučištnice.cz
Category: Arrowheads
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Fire arrowhead č.1
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We have finished a long time of testing of fire arrows. We are offering you ecologically acceptable, cheap and reliable arrowheads for fire arrows!

For about ten years we were looking for the way how to make a right fire arrow for an acceptable price. As always, our first and basic condition was the ecological point of view on making and using of this arrow. Finally we don't use any chemicals and the arrowhead disintegrates very fast in the natural enviroment. Despite of this the arrows are very reliable and burn during the flight very impressively. It is great for the beginning of fireworks, ourdoor theatre performances and even for lighting of the straw sheaf at the beginning of swordsmen performances.

Always aim on fire resistant surface (snow, water). Do not shoot on people, neither above them. Do not use inside the room. Use the protection glasses.


The cage for our arrowhead is made of spruce desks and beech pins. Inside there is a flax hards soaked in a natural resin.